Immersive Ticket
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Immersive Ticket

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The Immersive Ticket includes an interactive package shipped to your front door along with access to the web space, the augmented reality experience, opportunities to connect, and four short films. Your package will arrive during the week of December 20th.


All Immersive Tickets include the same package; we greatly appreciate any support above the $35 contribution level. All proceeds, less cost of materials and shipping, will support our team of artists, devisors, and creatives. 


Shipping is available only to the US. If you wish to experience the show internationally, please see our Virtual Ticket option. Each Immersive Ticket is designed to be experienced by one person. If there are multiple people in your household, we recommend purchasing the appropriate number of tickets! Please note: all sales are final. 


The Wandering is an immersive experience intended to be enjoyed on a computer made in the last five years with a reliable internet connection suitable for streaming video. For the highest quality experience, we recommend viewing the show in Google Chrome. A mobile phone with a camera and webcam on your computer are necessary to take advantage of certain portions of the show. To experience the augmented reality components, you must have a smartphone made in the last five years.